Shawn Postoff

is a multi-media artist

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Thanks for scrolling down. The only thing you're going to find here is a thick block of fine print whose purpose is to tell the searching robots a bunch of optimized things so that they have at least a modicum of context by which to slot this site into their indexes. You're much advised to scroll back up, and learn about Shawn Postoff using the far more intuitive and user-friendly interface that exists beyond this splash page. Otherwise, you're welcome to stay on the front porch, and continue reading more about Shawn Postoff. Shawn Postoff is the author of this website. I'm typing these words myself. I think of this website as a kind of base-camp for my Webspinning practice. Webspinning is a term I've coined which signifies an artistic pursuit that sees the Internet as its primary substrate. Upon it, I place all kinds of things: texts, drawings, paintings, mosaics, short films, metal-work and jewelry, poetry, provocative ideas, random thoughts, and spiritual wanderings. Intrigued? Learn more.