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Photo Credits: Kevin Cherry


Drama | 2002 | Canada | 10:00 | colour

When Spencer urges his unsuspecting friend, Aaron, to watch Salo, Pasolini's profoundly disturbing 1975 film, the horrifying experience rips into Aaron's sense of security and morality. Confused, betrayed, and disgusted, Aaron asks of his friend, "Why did you show that to me?"
But Spencer's motives are much too complex for words.

Written, Directed andShot by
Shawn Postoff
Produced by
Shawn Postoff & Brett Hendrie
Picture Editor
Brett Hendrie
Sound Supervisor
John Hazen
Music by
Broken Social Scene
Matt Austin


Moti Yona


Tampa Lesbian & Gay Film Festival 2004, Tampa, FL
University of Toronto Film Festival 2003, Toronto, ON
Victoria Independent Film & Video Festival 2003, Victoria, BC
Brussels Lesbian & Gay Film Festival 2003, Brussels, Belgium
Filmmakers’ Film Festival 2002, Toronto, ON
Focus Niagara Film & Video Festival 2002, Niagara Falls ON
The Nickel Independent Film & Video Festival 2002, St. John’s NF
Inside Out Gay & Lesbian Film & Video Festival 2002, Toronto ON


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