Comedy | 1998 | Canada | 3:54 | colour

A Schmooze-fest turns into a nightmare for a neophyte impresario, giving new meaning to the old adage:
"You snooze, you lose."
A black tie comedy that pushes all the right buttons.

Directed by
Demetri Portelli
Written by
Rick Palidwor
Prouced by
Rick Palidwor, Demetri Portelli, and
Shawn Postoff
Director of Photography
David A. Greene
Assistant Director
Daniel Ferguson
Edited by
Alex Shuper
Music by
Blake Howard & Brian Cram
Guest List
Michael Proudfoot, Elaine Carpenter, Jessica Van Haver, Caden Alexander, Michael Johnson, Jo-Anna Downey, Ryan Booth, Gottfried Paasche, Kathleen "Siggy" Pattison, Phillip Share, Shawn Cooper & Joaquin Kuhn

Victoria Independent Film & Video Festival 1999, Victoria, BC
Vancouver International Film Festival 1999, Vancouver, BC

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