Comedy | 1998 | Canada | 3:15 | colour

Based on the famous George C. Scott opening monologue
from the film Patton, this comic short pokes fun at the
post-cold-war military from a distinctly Canadian point of view.
"Proves you don't need a lot to make a short, funny movie
if your parlay is right."
-- Victoria Independent Film & Video Festival


Directed by
Rick Palidwor
Written by
Rick Palidwor, Brad Kostynuik &
John Pellatt
Produced by
Shawn Postoff & Rick Palidwor
Director of Photography
David A. Greene
Music by
Blake Howard & Brian Cram
Michael Johnson & Caden Alexander


Victoria Independent Film & Video Festival 1999, Victoria, BC
Vancouver International Film Festival 1999, Vancouver, BC

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